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Medical Annotation

High quality medical imaging solutions to train your ML/AI systems

We’re here to help make accurate diagnoses and enhance the quality of patient care. We have a specialized team of 60+ experts who are constantly working and providing expertise to annotate images for the world’s largest healthcare organizations!

Create the perfect AI strategy with our high-quality data

We accurately train AI/ML systems with annotated images like X-Rays, Ultrasound, MRIs, CT scans, and many more digitized reports. Our industry-leading annotation platform labels data according to the specific requirements of our customers. Additionally, we provide the expertise of doctors, nurses, and trained annotators.

Expert Annotators
Annotated Videos
Annotated Images

Customized services

We develop high quality data sets to develop AI/ML enable systems and innovate business applications. We provide data collection, categorization and enrichment services for various industry verticals.

Image annotation

We provide high quality image annotation and object recognition services. Our image annotation technology makes every picture focused and enables pixel-to-pixel measurements. We provide this service in both jpeg and dicom environments.

Multiple use cases:
Training the machine to detect diseases using ML algorithms
Understanding patient facial expressions
And more

Video annotation

We provide video annotation services to help train your ML algorithms accurately. This helps with precise identification of objects. Using our labeled videos with the exact metadata, the machine can easily differentiate between objects, in every frame of the video.

Multiple use cases:
Identifying patients movements including walking, jogging, etc.
Tracking surveillance footage for security purposes in hospitals and other healthcare facilities
Understanding surgical videos
And more

Audio annotation

We use audio annotation to help make sound or speech recordings, of all formats, understandable to AI-powered machines. Our team explores various audio features and annotates the corpus with the right audio information. Each word is carefully assessed by our annotators in order to ensure that the recording is correctly annotated.

Multiple use cases:
Assessing insurance claims in healthcare
Understanding patient response
Hospitals building automated response system for customer care
And more

Text annotation

Through text annotation services we classify the text and assign appropriate tags with a predetermined set of categories. Through Natural Language Processing (NLP) we make text comprehensible for machines. We also help highlight important keywords and phrases for better understanding.

Multiple use cases:
Aiding healthcare research organisations
Identifying important sections in long documents
Understanding medical text and doctor’s writing phrases better
And more

Text annotation services Netherlands

Annotation Techniques

Training smart machines with algorithms requires accurate data sets that are processed by using the optimal annotation techniques. Being an expert in the field, we use powerful annotation techniques depending on the use case of our clients.

Multiple use cases:

2D Bounding Box Annotation – for accurate object detection through computer vision
Polygon Annotation – to make the shapes of irregular objects recognizable to AI/ML – enables machines
Semantic Segmentation – to make multiple objects detectable through instant segmentation
3D Cuboidal Annotation – for in-depth detection and finding specific objects of interest
Landmark Points Annotation – for precise detection of faces, in various sizes and shapes
Polyline Annotation – to train AI-driven vehicles to detect the lanes on road, in factories, etc.

We have highly qualified doctors who have provided their expertise and guide organizations through AI solutions in the following areas:

Dermatology | Radiology | Gastroenterology | Neurology | Orthopedics | Urology | Ophthalmology

Better accuracy and faster diagnosis

Computer vision algorithms can easily detect complex patterns within images, that may go unnoticed even by trained clinicians. Improving the accuracy of a computer vision system can significantly help reduce the rate of false positives and increase the rate of true positives. In such a way, medical annotation can help doctors allocate their time and other resources optimally.

Higher quality

We understand the importance of every patient’s health and that’s why we use the latest technologies to create innovative solutions and make healthcare processes more efficient. Our team, of highly-qualified experts, ensures that the specific requirements of all our clients are met fully.

Affordable costs

We ensure that our pricing is the best in the market and in line with current market trends. By providing high-quality services at economical costs we want to ensure that all healthcare providers have access to the resources they need to make health facilities better for the community.

Full transparency

We take control of all your requirements and bring in the best solutions to fulfill your needs. All the required information about our processes are shared with you to create complete transparency and build trust, to foster long-term relationships.